Saturday, February 28, 2015

Losing It - Again

My hair has been growing. Growing to heights that I didn't think that I could achieve without gel and hairspray. I woke up each morning to a new Yu-Gi-Oh hairstyle. I had to use hats to calm the voluminous waves that were created while I slept.

I so wanted to cut my hair, but was waiting since hearing from my oncologist that my hair would be falling out. Didn't want to waste the money of a haircut. So, I've been waiting and tugging my hair daily. Sometimes my kids would see me tugging my hair, and they would laugh. Why tug? Because I wanted to see if it was the day to shave my head! Let me clarify: I didn't tug all day. I would do periodic tugs. Being a second time chemo-hairloss-person, you just know when it's that time.

But, each day my hair kept growing. And growing. This time it had more of curl to it - no need for any perms. My hair looked puffy. The other day, a certain person who lives in this house who is not A1, A2, or A3, asked if I had gained weight. The answer was no. It was my puffy hair.

Well, the day has finally come. My hair is falling out in chunks. That is, when I tug at it, pull on it, or rub it. This is the stage of hair fall out, that I like to have my husband shave my head. Why now? Why not wait until it falls off by itself? I can't stand it. It is like having a Siberian husky shed chunks of its fur all over your clothes. Try getting all of that off your clothes. It ain't easy. It takes many of those roll-tape-things, and a lot of time.

This morning, I was sitting at the table with my children, and I kept pulling at my hair - it's a bit addictive when it starts falling off - and telling them that today was the day that I was going to have my head shaved. When A3 saw how I was pulling my hair, he came and started pulling my hair. After a few pulls, he felt bad for his momma and stopped. An hour and a half later, I went upstairs to his room to see what he was doing. I lay face down on his bed as he created creative creations out of his Legos. Then, he just reached over and pulled my hair. I'm telling you, it is a bit addictive. It doesn't hurt me. It's just neat to see how much will come off when you tug.

So I waited for my husband to come back from church. Had the clippers ready. Had him shave my head. We took some pictures for memories sake. Have one with all the shaved hair (from pic below) on top of my shaved head - looking like a mohawk. Thought it might be too wild of a picture to put here. We also made sure to throw away the hair, so that A2 didn't get to it and try and make a wig for one of her dolls.

And you know what! I look thinner! Fluffy hair can add weight on you. Have to remember that.

Now, I can wear the "IT" hat of Korea that my sister-in-law sent. Am I wearing it right?

Don't worry about me. God has me covered. I was actually looking forward to not having hair again. It is so much easier to take care of!

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