Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday Service

We have been going to the same church each week. Some people like to explore different churches, but my husband and I like to settle in. We went to our current church and decided to go there the rest of our time here. The songs we sang and the sermons we heard were based on His Word. The perk was that the church was right next to the ocean and that we could enjoy the service outdoors.

We eat breakfast at 7:40 am. After we eat, we have to pack our lunch for the day because they give the lunch team a break during the weekend. Then, we walk down to the school gate to catch the van that comes to pick people up for church.

Last Sunday, we got to church a little bit early. The 7:30 am service wasn't over, so we waited by the rocks... by the ocean. Right on the ocean. The waves were coming in and crashing on the rocks. Waves here are scary, but that's another story. But, everything was so beautiful.

We waited, meditating on God's creation, on His magnificence, on His power... then we went to service. Outside, remember?

No worries about rain. It rains at night here.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Worthy of It All

Every Monday morning, all of the YWAM community gather in 'Ohana (which means "family") Court to worship together. We start the week putting our focus where it needs to be: Jesus. Grandmas, grandpas, moms, dads, singles, and children gather for this sole purpose.

I can't tell you how powerful and healing these times of worship have been. Tears have flowed as I have sung to my Savior. Songs that are focused on His goodness. Songs that are focused on His greatness. Songs that are focused simply on Him.

This is a song that has blessed me tremendously. As I sing it, I can't help but be overwhelmed. Only He is worthy of it all.

by Chris Hu

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Non-Chance Encounters

Let me ask you something. Have you ever had a tug in your heart to do something? Maybe to help  someone, ask a question, exercise a random act of kindness... I felt that the other day. There was this woman I saw. I felt as if God wanted me to talk to her. Not for evangelism or anything like that. Just to talk to her. I can't explain why, I just felt like I should.

We can get into a very long discussion about my personality. I can be shy. I can be antisocial. Ask my brother and sister. Ask my husband. But I can also be very bold and daring. Can't understand me? It's okay. I'm just glad that God understands me and loves me!

Well, I asked God to give me an opportunity to talk to her if that is what He wanted me to do. And the opportunity came that day at the children's school PTO meeting. Her younger daughters are in A2's classroom and the oldest daughter is in A1's class. As she left A1's classroom I asked, "Are you Korean?"

If you ask that question to 90% of the Asians (in my informal estimation) on the Kona campus, they will say, "Yes." They might either be Korean American or Korean Korean. Get it. Got it. Good.

It turns out that this beautiful woman was a Korean Norwegian. She had been adopted by a Norwegian family when she was a few months old. We had a conversation about our families (her daughters are beautiful), her and her Norwegian husband's involvement at the Crossroads DTS, and Korea.

It was a delight meeting her and talking to her. We exchanged email addresses and it turns out that we live across from each other. She is in the building in front of ours.

God opened the door for me to meet this woman. I just had to take that step forward. And I was so blessed.

I know that there have been other times in my life when God has asked me to do something or speak to someone. And I know that I chose to not listen. And I lost blessings that I could have received. I regret those times.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fourteen Years

Today (1-9-13) was my fourteenth wedding anniversary. Truthfully, I have been so busy with the DTS schedule that I completely forgot! Really! What is wrong with me? I know!

I am so thankful that God reminded my husband. He had been thinking about what to do. Our schedule has been really tight, and he started his work duty yesterday. He worked 3 hours, but he did something that blew me away! He asked the leader if he could skip today so that we could celebrate our wedding anniversary. He even borrowed another student's car so that we could go to Costco, Target, the farmer's market, and a Korean eatery for dinner!

We had to get back on campus by seven so we had to rush, but it was so nice. After our meeting with our group, we had to walk up the mountain to pick up the kids at a different building. It was really dark and we could see all the beautiful stars in the sky. That was when it hit me: we got to go to Hawaii for our 14th wedding anniversary!

God is so good to me!

(I have to figure out how to change the time on my computer. It is still on Central time.)

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

We Are Here

God is so good! The Sunday before we were scheduled to leave, God gave us all the funds that we needed to come to here. I was so thankful that it all came together on God's day! 

We left Chicago at 1:30 pm, stopped in Los Angeles (didn't see any movie stars), and arrived in Kona past 1:00 am (Central Time). We were on a plane filled with people with the same destination. We couldn't make out what they were saying but we could hear the occasional, "YWAM" and "DTS." When we arrived we got out of the plane and walked down the stairs to exit the landing area and into the open air baggage area. Who would have thought? But, you have to think "tropical" and "island."

There are over 49 countries represented here. Students are in many different DTS programs. This semester is the largest they have ever had. The staff and student population is over 1,400! The picture below is of the Plaza of the Nations (flag court). A flag is raised for each of the nations represented on campus. 

Nothing prepared me for all the different nationalities that I would meet. There are people from Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mongolia, China, Russia, Latvia, Kenya, South Africa, oh yeah, and those Canadians! There are two North Koreans who had escaped to freedom to South Korea. I even met a former Pennsylvania Amish guy who had a German accent because he grew up speaking German. He was shunned by his family and friends because he chose to follow Jesus. Please pray for Benjamin.

Here we are and we have already been so blessed! I am still getting adjusted to the packed schedule. My head is still spinning a bit. Once we are a bit more settled, I will write more in-depth about our experience here. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support. I need to go to sleep.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Haven't Disappeared...

I know, I know. I should have written something. I've wanted to so badly, but I have been adjusting to a few things. Once I am settled, I will write about the wonderful things God has been doing.