Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sunday Service

We have been going to the same church each week. Some people like to explore different churches, but my husband and I like to settle in. We went to our current church and decided to go there the rest of our time here. The songs we sang and the sermons we heard were based on His Word. The perk was that the church was right next to the ocean and that we could enjoy the service outdoors.

We eat breakfast at 7:40 am. After we eat, we have to pack our lunch for the day because they give the lunch team a break during the weekend. Then, we walk down to the school gate to catch the van that comes to pick people up for church.

Last Sunday, we got to church a little bit early. The 7:30 am service wasn't over, so we waited by the rocks... by the ocean. Right on the ocean. The waves were coming in and crashing on the rocks. Waves here are scary, but that's another story. But, everything was so beautiful.

We waited, meditating on God's creation, on His magnificence, on His power... then we went to service. Outside, remember?

No worries about rain. It rains at night here.

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