Thursday, January 10, 2013

Fourteen Years

Today (1-9-13) was my fourteenth wedding anniversary. Truthfully, I have been so busy with the DTS schedule that I completely forgot! Really! What is wrong with me? I know!

I am so thankful that God reminded my husband. He had been thinking about what to do. Our schedule has been really tight, and he started his work duty yesterday. He worked 3 hours, but he did something that blew me away! He asked the leader if he could skip today so that we could celebrate our wedding anniversary. He even borrowed another student's car so that we could go to Costco, Target, the farmer's market, and a Korean eatery for dinner!

We had to get back on campus by seven so we had to rush, but it was so nice. After our meeting with our group, we had to walk up the mountain to pick up the kids at a different building. It was really dark and we could see all the beautiful stars in the sky. That was when it hit me: we got to go to Hawaii for our 14th wedding anniversary!

God is so good to me!

(I have to figure out how to change the time on my computer. It is still on Central time.)

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