Tuesday, November 29, 2011

This is Just the Beginning...

This blog has been "under production" for over a year. I've been thinking, and thinking, and wondering, how in the world I could get this started without being too tech savvy.  I actually tried to get it started at the beginning of this past year. It was with another blogging site, but I locked myself out of it. It was pretty sad. I had even written my first entry. Unfortunately, only I could access it. It was blocked from being viewed from the outside world. Something only I could do! I am embarrassed to say that I also tried, unsuccessfully, to try out two other blogging sites. This is me, what can I say?

Another "obstacle" was the fact that I didn't have a good camera. I had believed that one of the essentials for a good blog was having good pictures - which come from a good camera. Are you following my logic? So what else could I do but quietly pray and pray, and then it actually happened! My brother asked me if I wanted his "old" camera because he had gotten a new one. I blinked in disbelief. I tried not to show the excitement I was feeling inside. Joy, of being given such a nice camera that I could never afford, and thankfulness, that God knew my secret thoughts, overwhelmed me.

Now that I have tackled the "giant" of blogging (cough, cough), I have no more excuses. My husband has been one of my biggest supporters to start a blog. So, here I am. My hope is to fill this blog with the thoughts of my heart and a few favorite recipes in between. Thank you for joining me on this new journey. Oh yeah, and pray that I don't lock myself out of this blog!!


  1. Moni - you are so NOT alone in the hard-time-starting-a-blog department. It took me about 6 months to figure mine out! I started with other side, got blocked, locked out, told that "even idiots can do this"...lost money on it! UGH! But I finally figured it out with blogger too. Feel free to visit mine - and I'll definitely follow yours. There's a feature somehow (can't remember how I did it) where you can add an email and it will automatically email the new blog when it's posted. If you can figure that out to put on the side, it's helpful because I have a hard time remembering to go back to blogs and look for new posts. I'll keep praying for you as you claim victory over the monster. Love you! Your CCA Friend ~ Amy

  2. Thank you Amy! I am glad that I am not alone in this blogging challenge!

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