Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Scheduled Scans and Stomach Flips

It's that time again! Time for my quarterly CT and bone scans. It was perfectly timed so that I could get my scans, go to the Kona DTS, come back, and get my scans again.

Today, I will be getting my bone scan injection at 8:30 am. Getting my CT scan at 9:00 am. And then getting my bone scan at 10:30 am.

The CT liquid that I have to drink is going to be a bit different this time. I guess they switched to another type of liquid "stuff." This one is called Omnipaque. Sound appetizing? The nurse who explained this new "CT stuff" to me told me that this was supposed to be easier to drink than the past "CT stuff."

I can start drinking it the morning of the scan. I will have to drink 48 oz of this stuff within 3 hours. The past "CT stuff" used to clear my system. As I waited for my bone scan, I would have to go to the bathroom - repeatedly. I was always worried that I might have to go to the bathroom during the scan. Thank the Lord that that never happened. We have to wait and see about this stuff.

When I went to pick up the Omnipaque, I had to wait for a nurse to explain the new "CT stuff" to me. As I was waiting, I saw her - the nurse who made me afraid of getting stabbed by needles at my last CT/bone scan. Seeing her made my stomach do a back flip. She did some serious psychological damage.

Please pray that all the scans will go well and that the scans/radioactive injection/CT contrasts won't cause further damage to my body. Also pray that that nurse won't be in the building.

Over the past few weeks, I have felt an increasing pain in my lower, right back. Please pray that the cancer hasn't spread and that all is well.

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