Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Go to Sleep!

I have this very bad habit of staying up late. I am more of a night owl rather than an early bird. During college, you have no choice but to stay up studying. When I was single and teaching, it was my time to spend talking with friends, exercising, or reading. When I had children, it was "my" time. I justified staying up because it was the only quiet time I had to myself. It was my veg out time. Don't all moms experience this?

Unfortunately, those stay up late habits stuck with me. My husband constantly nags tells me, to go to sleep. You see, he is an early bird. He goes to the early morning prayer service at our church every day. At 5:30 AM. Don't freak out. This is one of the strengths of the Korean church. They start the day in His Word and prayer.

On Monday, I read an article about the connection between aggressive breast cancer and lack of sleep. It was a bit eye opening. Apparently, there is a connection between lack of sleep and more aggressive breast cancer tumors. Breast cancer patients NEED to be well rested. I need to follow this. Unni, you need to post this article on your walls!

If we don't take care of the physical bodies that God has given us, who will? Don't wait until you are sick!

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