Friday, August 23, 2013

One Week With My Friend, Xeloda

Last Friday I started taking my oral chemo drugs. I take three pills in the morning and three at night. I have to take the Xeloda for a two week period and then let my body rest for the third week. This will happen for three cycles which total nine weeks. In order to not touch the pills, I use a small spoon to pick up the pills and deliver them into my mouth. Now, I can swallow all three in one gulp.

The first day wasn't so bad. I kept expecting the sky to fall on me. I did feel this weird feeling in my stomach and hands, but I started to second guess myself and wonder if it was psychological. When nothing really happened, I started to feel guilty for not having any side effects. Guilty to all those people who have endured aggressive chemotherapy.

Then Saturday came around. That is when the nausea and this burning sensation at the back of my throat hit me. Thankfully, I didn't throw up. It would be tragic for all that lethal medicine to come back up. It felt like I might feel better if I threw up, but in this situation it would make things a lot more complicated.

It has been a week since I started the Xeloda and here is what I learned:

  1. I can be such a baby. I will not lie, I lost it a few times during the nausea.
  2. When you're body tells you something (in terms of cravings), you should listen. My body kept wanting meat, and last night I think I figured out why. Yes, my body needs the protein, but something else. Plain and simple: meat takes a few days to "rot" in your stomach. Just the way it is. Having that "something" in your stomach keeps you from the stronger nausea that comes from not having anything in your stomach.
  3. Real ginger candy helps with the nausea. Never thought that I would enjoy eating ginger candy. All Korean Americans have a story or two of biting into a chunk of ginger in their kimchi. Not pleasant. But, I feel a whole lot better eating the candy with the bite than eating the antipsychotic, schizophrenia drug the doctor prescribed for the nausea.
  4. Your body gets super tired so you need to rest. When your feet start to shuffle rather than walk, it is time to rest. When you start slurring your words, it is time to rest. When your eyes are ready to close, it is time to rest. 
  5. Stay away from dairy and acidic foods. Gotta keep the stomach happy.

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  1. Dearest Monica; you and your family are in my blanket of prayers. - Mary Ann Leopoldo