Friday, August 15, 2014

Losing Your Head

Cold weather = hat all the time

Hot weather = no hat whenever possible

Hot weather + no hat in the house + air-headed, forgetfulness = trouble

Within a month's time, I have left the house twice without a hat. Of course, two different neighbors were out at the exact same times.

Incident #1: I had to go to the hospital for my chemo, and I was late. I grabbed all the things that I had to take when going for chemo, and I walked out the door... and closed it. Just as the door closed, I realized my mistake. I looked up and saw my Korean neighbor outside. I whirled around and grabbed the doorknob. Locked. Desperation. Fumbling with keys. Door open. Complete embarrassment.

Incident #2: I was going to run an errand with my husband, and we both rushed out the door. I started walking towards my husband's car when I saw my next door neighbor in his car. I waved and was a bit perturbed at his reaction: one of confusion/shock? I didn't get it. I just kept walking and got into my husband's car. Then, it hit me: I had no hat on! And, my husband hadn't said anything! He said that he was shocked that I had walked out without a hat on. Hello!! What did I do? I made him go back to the house and get me a hat. 

At least I had some hair on my head.

At least it was before my husband shaved the sides and back of my head and gave me a very bad "fade"(or shall I say, "Partition?") that made me look more male and made my loving husband laugh every time he saw me... All I asked him to do was trim the edges...

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