Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Gemzar Cycle 1, Treatment 3

Thank you for all of your prayers! Yesterday, I went for my third Gemzar treatment (wasn't able to get the second due to low neutrophil counts, but it still counted), and my neutrophil levels were wonderfully high! They were at 2.2! I can't remember the last time they were that high! When I first heard the count, I thought that I had heard wrong. I had to ask the nurse to repeat the number. It went from .7 to 2.2! So thankful!

The treatment wasn't as bad this time. I still got a bit queasy, but not as much as last time. As the nurse pulled out the needle from my port, I could feel a stream of liquid. It turned out to be blood. Glad that I only saw the dried up stuff on the gauze strip.

Today was the day that I was supposed to give myself the Neulasta shot (white blood cell booster), but my counts were so good that my nurse told me that I could hold off on it. This was an answer to prayer! This is Thanksgiving week! No time to be sick! Thank You, Lord!

I had to go to Costco to get some last minute things, and by the end, I was dragging my feet and slurring my speech. We must have been there less than an hour. That is the one aspect about the hormone pills that I liked: I had energy. Chemotherapy: no energy.

Thankful that three years have passed since my "big" surgery (mastectomy/thyroidectomy). Thankful for another Thanksgiving with my family!

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