Friday, October 16, 2015

Post Gamma Knife Radiation

It has been three weeks since my Gamma Knife Radiation. I got there at 5:45 AM and must have gotten home at 4 or 5 in the afternoon. I was clamped into that device for most of the day. If you look on my round, stretched, steroid head, you will see how that thing was screwed onto my skull. A3 sometimes, still, can't look at it...

People ask: did it hurt? They do put anesthesia on the tips. It hurt a bit - hey, but I'm a mom. They told my husband to leave the room. I had to squeeze that "little brain, squeezy thing" really hard. The anesthesia kicked in later. Screws in your head. Then, I was fine.

When they were wheeling me to get the MRI, I saw my husband in the waiting room and I lost it. Had to ask one of the physicians to hand me tissue. Isn't that the hardest part? Seeing someone you love see you like that?

Which reminds me, my writing, speaking, proofreading (?), are not... always there. Be patient. Please.

As far as they could see in the scans, they got everything that needed to be taken care of with the MRIs. So thankful! I believe that I have to go back in a few months for another check up... have to ask my husband.

Have seen my oncologist twice to figure out treatment for my liver cancer - had to stop the chemo because of the ER visit. Unfortunately, the tumor markers in my blood have been creeping up. I will have another CT scan next Wednesday at 9:00 AM. This will determine my continued liver cancer treatment. Most likely the chemo + Neulasta shot that I have been receiving since January.

Please keep praying!

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