Saturday, June 4, 2016

Cataracts and Cancer

Even before my brain surgery, I had been noticing how blurry my vision had been getting. Once I found out about my tumor, I assumed that that was the culprit. Unfortunately, my vision got worse after my surgery. It worried me a bit. I even thought that I needed to prepare myself for going blind - that is how bad it was getting.

When I finally went to the optometrist, she said that my prescription was the same but that I probably had cataracts. Was not expecting to hear that. Cataracts come to everyone with age. She told me that I could have it corrected with a simple surgery. Better yet, she told me that they would switch out my cloudy, cataract lens with a prescription one so that I wouldn't need to wear glasses! Whoa!

When I called the ophthalmologist for an appointment, I was told that I had to wait 2 months! Let me tell you that by this time, my vision was getting blurrier and blurrier. It was like walking around without my glasses - even though I had my glasses on. I couldn't read signs. I couldn't make out what products were around me when I went to get gym shoes with A1. I couldn't tell who people were. I was afraid of going somewhere and walking past someone. In Asian culture, that is really rude... especially for a pastor's wife. If you saw me somewhere and I passed you up, I am really sorry.

Well, the week after I made the appointment with the ophthalmologist, I got a random call from a nurse. She worked for the insurance company and was wondering if she could help me with anything. I asked her what type of things she could help me with. One of the things she mentioned was appointments. I told her my situation, and she was so happy to help me. I mean, she was really excited and happy that she could help. It turns out her mother had cataract surgery with the same doctor that I was going to see. She told me about how nice and skillful he was. She also told me to prepare to stay at the office for at least 2  hours because of tests. She called me back the next day and my appointment was moved up, and she told me that she had talked to the front dest about contacting me about any other cancellations - so that I could take that appointment. A few days later, I got a call for a cancellation the next day or so. 

Side note: Can I tell you? When I went to the ophthalmologist, I was the youngest patient there. People were looking at me wondering why I was there. 

So hear I am. I saw the ophthalmologist, had all the tests, and am scheduled to have cataract surgery on my right eye, on Monday. If everything goes well, a month later, I will have surgery on my left eye. 

Now, I have to go to my oncologist's office on Monday, before my surgery, to have a blood test. My platelet count has been really low on top of my low immune system. Platelets help your blood to clot when you bleed. They just want to keep me safe. 

Oh yeah. The cause of my cataracts: the steroids I took before, during, and after my brain surgery. Also took those steroids before the chemo treatment I used to have (Eribulin/Halaven). Steroids are strong.

Asking for prayers, once again.

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  1. I miss you so much sweet friend. Reading your blog helps me when I feel like calling you but can't because you are now in Heaven.
    Love you!