Monday, April 25, 2016

Weird Happenings

It was the Thursday night after my cerebellum surgery.

It was so clear that I couldn't ignore it. I thought I might have heard something. I only heard it once. I never heard it again.

It was a "ding" sound.

The room was silent... other than the oxygen and IV machines.

My eyes were closed. I could only speak in a whisper. I had to keep "distracting" myself to think of "other" things because my sense of smell was so sensitive... even to those "mild" smells.

That "ding" sound made me open my eyes and look around the room. Did I imagine it? Was I going a little loopy? Was someone playing a joke on me?

I looked around a few more times...

Don't know what happened, but it happened.

Then, there was that other happening... It was like a "little box." The little box of my cerebellum. It was opened during my surgery - literally and figuratively! I had these little thoughts there. When it got filled, the words would spill out. Well, they would spill out during my sleep. I would wake myself from my sleep blurting these things out. They even showed up in my dreams. Sometimes, I would wonder, "How did you know?"

I would think it, the thoughts would go to my brain, and they would, eventually, come out.

That is the only way that I could describe it. It happened for one and a half months, and then it stopped.

There was also the times that I saw large bugs out of the corners of my eyes. Yes, bugs. Later, I realized that they were one and a half inch cockroaches. I saw glimpses. Never saw them directly. I would lift the blankets or whatever was in front of me to make sure they weren't there.  I told my husband about it. I can't imagine what he was thinking about life with me after my surgery!

We never had cockroaches. Spiders and ants - yes, but never cockroaches! I would have left this home a long time ago if they were here! It happened for a few months. Then, it stopped. It  was hard to tell whether they were real or not - at times. But, they weren't!

These are the weird happenings of my life after brain surgery and crazy meds!

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