Saturday, April 16, 2016

How's Your Health?

My life is filled with doctor visits. I can't keep track sometimes. If I don't write it down, I will definitely forget it. Sometimes, I forget as I am about to write it down.

The last visit to the oncologist, I saw another doctor because my oncologist was out of town. My CT was a week after seeing the other doctor. When Dr. K returned, she saw the results and asked me to come in to the office. It freaked me out. She never called me in like this. I was praying big time.

These past few months, the tumor markers in my blood have been steadily going down. Dr. K and my nurse had been so pleased. My husband made a comment to me that I shouldn't rely too much on those numbers. Of course, I got upset at him for saying that. But, he was right. My latest CT scan showed that the spots in my liver and bones had gotten a bit bigger.

Dr. K asked me to come in because she wanted to share this news in person. She also wanted to tell me the new strategy for my cancer. I'm changing chemo meds again. Any time the cancer spreads, they have to change the meds. Ugh! New medication, new side effects. But then, Dr. K threw me a curve ball! She was going to try and see if she could get me treated (chemo) in her office!

You see, my insurance would not allow me to get treated there. That is why I went to another treatment center. It was fine with me because I, also, really like the nurses at the other facility. They know me, and I know them. They are so nice and caring to me! No complaints here. But, I am also so blessed by my oncology doctor and nurse!

Well, I found out on Thursday that I can get treated in my doctor's office! This is a miracle. I am so thankful for this opportunity! Dr. K and my nurse can monitor me more closely. Who would have thought!

So... next Tuesday, I will start my first chemo treatment of Navelbine at my oncologist's office. Please pray.

Oh yeah, I have my second brain MRI on Monday at 7:00 AM. This is to make sure that nothing is growing back in my cerebellum. Please pray that all will go well.

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  1. I'll be praying for you and for favorable results of both your MRI and your new treatment. Blessings!
    Julie Stoller