Saturday, April 23, 2016

MRI Results and This Navelbine

Friday, I went to see my neurosurgeon about the results of my second MRI. We had to wait a while, because they were pulling up the scans on the computer. Can I pause and tell you how nice the nurses in that office are? They have been consistently nice and so caring! My husband took a few minute nap and was refreshed for the diagnosis. I needed him to hear everything the doctors said, because I forget so easily.

The doctors came in and told us the news. The scans showed that everything was clear. So thankful!!! No new growths. The downside: I'll have to get MRIs every three months, so they can monitor my cerebellum. Was hoping for the next one to be in six months.

I am continuing to go through my Navelbine side effects. I have experienced a sore body, fever, sharp pain in my head, fatigue, jaw pain, ear ache, and it felt like sores were forming in the back of my mouth. Yesterday, I drank a green shake, one ravioli, two bananas, a few spoonfuls of vegetable jjook (congee), and drank two cups of grape juice. My jaw hurt so much that I couldn't chew. Everything felt like rocks, when I chewed. It didn't help that when I chewed, it would pull on my ears and pain would manifest itself.

Don't yell, but I forgot to take Tylenol yesterday. I think that I didn't take it, because it didn't help with the ear ache on Thursday. Will try it today.

For those of you on Navelbine, you are not alone in experiencing ear aches. It is not listed as a side effect, but people are experiencing it. For a while, I was a bit afraid that something was growing in my brain again. Looking it up on the internet helped me to see that people are experiencing this side effect. I wasn't going cray cray!

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