Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Week Friday

It's time for another round of CT and bone scans. This time, I finally got the courage to ask my oncologist if we could put off the scans another month (so that I could have scans every 4 months instead of every 3 months). Somehow, I haven't felt like the radioactive material, iodine contrast, and radiation have been helping my body. What do you think?

My oncologist said that we could try that after this round of scans. Dr. K told me that certain levels in my blood have been elevating and she doesn't know why. She was concerned because it has been progressive and unexplained. She said that if my scans don't show anything, she might have to order a colonoscopy or enteroscopy. 

She also told me something that I couldn't remember from my first visits with her in 2011. When I first had gone to her office, I had to have some blood work done. That was after returning from Korea with the biopsy results that I did have thyroid and breast cancer. Well, Dr. K told me at my last visit that the initial blood work in 2011 didn't really show signs of cancer. There were certain levels that were a bit above average but they were very minute.

What does this tell me about my cancer? It wants to be different. It wants to go outside of the norms. It is unpredictable. It needs Jesus.

Please pray.

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