Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Viruses and A Sour Stomach

The week off of the Xeloda was so nice. I didn't have to worry about any nausea. My sense of smell wasn't as sensitive. I could look at certain foods and not get grossed out. I even ate some Korean food. I could even drink water again without having to think twice about it.

Last Friday, I started my second cycle of the Xeloda. I wasn't sure how my body would react the second time, so I went into it with some fear. Memories of the first week of my first cycle loomed over me. Would my body go into nausea/fatigue mode and then ease up during the second week?

The first day went well. The second day went well, so did the third and the fourth. I was getting things accomplished and running errands. Then, it hit. My stomach went sour or shall I say that it became an acidic pit of trouble. I felt like the back of my throat was radioactive and that I might spew out a few things. Thankfully, it didn't.

On top of this, this never ending virus won't leave our house. My oldest (A1) had it, my husband had it, my daughter (A2) had it and the lymph nodes on her neck got enlarged, my youngest (A3) had it, and I had it with each of my children... The first two times weren't as bad, but this time it is a little stronger (headache/hot flashes/runny nose/needing sleep). Thankfully, no fever. I don't get fevers. My husband gets fevers, but I never really did. One of those interesting facts about me.

But, please pray.

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