Thursday, September 5, 2013

Wonderful Week

My week off of Xeloda was wonderful. The nausea was gone. The funny taste in my mouth was mostly gone. We had an in-church family retreat. My energy levels were higher. My husband asked me to share my life story on the last day of the retreat. I could eat (most things) without having to think twice about it.

I did become aware of some mouth sores but they are manageable. My hands feel better. I had some diarrhea, but it is better.

Yesterday, I had to go to Dr. K's office to check my blood levels and to see what symptoms I was experiencing. My blood levels are good but my white cell count is going down-as expected. But, it is good enough for me to continue my treatment. My doctor asked me about the nausea and kind of chastised me for not taking the prescription (anti-psychotic, schizophrenia) medication she had prescribed. I still prefer to eat ginger candy.

My nurse (I have an assigned nurse) urged me to try Prilosec (if I wasn't going to take the anti-psychotic drug) for the nausea. I guess acid builds up in your stomach during the chemo (which explains my aversion to acidic foods). She said that some people said that that helped. Oh yeah, and Immodium for the diarrhea. BUT, you know me, I would like to try eating more bananas first.

I got the second shipment of Xeloda for this next cycle. Friday is the big day. Pray - please. I believe that God has used your prayers to lift me up in so many ways.

Here is a song that we sang during the retreat. It keeps resonating in my heart. It is an old song made new.

by AngelofLordJesus

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