Thursday, September 26, 2013

Off Week

I cannot express the happiness that comes when your physical ailments and maladies hit the road. There was such excitement in knowing that I didn't have to take the Xeloda for a week. I felt so much more energy, I could eat more things, I could stand more smells, I could drink water again, the sores on my feet didn't hurt...

There was this urgency to get as much done as possible. I tried to switch out my kids summer clothes for their fall clothes, do several loads of laundry in one day, meet people, clean the floors, vacuum... but then I realized that I was doing too much. Pushing myself too hard. This body is not the same. Exhaustion would catch up with me. I would eat a meal thinking that it would give me more energy but it didn't help. My speech got slurred, answering questions took too much energy, couldn't keep my eyes open, just wanted to lay down.

It is all about pacing. I'm still trying to pace myself with this new body of mine.

Oh yeah, that thing on my outer arm, near my armpit, seems to be a spot like those that are supposed to form on my feet. The nurse had never seen them form in the arm area. She actually called another nurse to take a look at it. I have been putting lotion on it, and the time off of the Xeloda seems to be helping it go down. Not very pretty. Thankfully, its not little, round spots. That, my friends, would freak me out.

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