Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Another Weird Thing

I'm taking chemo drugs and I'm gaining weight. Who would have known? I'm getting some squishy wishy rolls on my tummy, as my third, A3 pointed out. My pants are getting tight. I feel like my face is getting bigger. It doesn't help that this 7 year old in my house keeps squishing my squishy wishy tummy. Someone make him stop!

One thing I realized was that I have not been eating as healthy during my chemo. I went on survival mode and ate whatever would go down. I've been eating a lot of things that you should eat in moderation: white rice, white sugar, and white flour products.

I have been stuffing my face with whatever I can stuff my face with so that I won't feel nauseous. There are a lot of foods I can't stand to think about or look at right now, but once I find a food I can take... the stuffing begins. I've gone through red meat week, soba noodles week, I can't remember what I ate week, caramel and cheddar popcorn week, and last week was my cold, white rice with pickles week. Oh yeah, and cake. Yummy to my tummy cake.

Thankfully, I can still drink my husband's green smoothies. They keep me regular and pumped with kale and other nutritious fruits and vegetables.

Here is another weird or shall I say embarrassing thing that happened to me last week. I had to go to the grocery store so I took A3 with me. I have not been fond of my friend, water, during my chemo. Because of this, I had to find something that I could drink. As I tried different drinks, I found that a certain brand of expensive ice tea helps. So I took A3 to the grocery to get some of this ice tea and some other things... okay, I confess, pumpkin donuts. I love pumpkin donuts.

Anyways, as we're walking in the very crowded store, A3 says, "Mom, can we get naked?" I was like, "What?!??!!!!!!!" But, before the words could come out, it registered in my mind that he meant the drink brand (juice drink). I could see that some people heard. You see, A3 takes after my husband: loud voice. This was definitely one of those mommy moments where I wanted to hide in a deep cave or yell out, "YOU MEAN YOU WANT TO GET A NAKED JUICE DRINK?"

My mind wasn't so quick. I just told him to shush and follow me.


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