Monday, October 28, 2013

Crazy Xeloda Cycles

It is really interesting to see how each Xeloda cycle is different. I would have thought that there would be some type of pattern, predictability, or consistency to all of this, but there isn't. I've had nauseous cycles. I've had fatigued cycles. I've had not-so-bad cycles. I've had half-and-half cycles. I've had I-think-I-can-do-this cycles. And oh-no-it's-back-to-the-beginning cycles.

This cycle started off ok, but it has progressively made me want to spit. I just want to get rid of this yucky taste in my mouth. The only time I can spit is in the shower. Then, I spit, spit, spit. Thought of a spittoon, but that grosses me out. Ugh!

Last Friday, I thought that I might throw up for the first time. The feeling in my stomach and certain smells just overwhelmed me. This queasiness, yuckiness (is that a word?) followed me throughout Saturday. I tried walking, thinking that some exercise would help. Unfortunately, it didn't.

The thought of throwing up is very scary to me. Too many toxic chemicals. So I tried to preoccupy myself with other thoughts.

The rest of my week?

My oldest, A1, had a cold last week. His nose was runny and he was sneezing up a storm.

Now, my youngest, A3 has a bad cold, cough, fever, and some asthma as a result. He threw up right before we left for church. We still had to go to church because I am the pastor's wife. Also, a missionary couple that our church supports and whose daughter attended seminary with me visited our church. I had to go. I wanted to see them. So, A3 sat with me in the back.

We can't leave out A2. She got hit by a frisbee, above her eye, on Sunday. Her eye is swollen and a layer of skin got taken out. Who would have thought that a frisbee could do that?

Pray for us.

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