Friday, November 8, 2013

40 Days of Prayer

The leaders at our church decided to have 40 days of prayer. It is so exciting to see the desire in the leadership to pray. The last time we did this (May-June), we prayed 24 hours a day for 35 days. Sounds crazy! But, it wasn't. People signed up for different shifts and prayed at church. There were prayers lifted up 24 hours a day for 35 days in our physical church building. It was such a blessing to all who participated. The wonderful part was seeing people draw closer in their relationship with Jesus. Another exciting part was to see the fruit (or results) of our prayers.

This time, we are having 40 nights of prayer leading up to Thanksgiving.

The purpose: drawing closer to Jesus.

Each night, my husband has been giving mini sermons on different people in the Bible who offered up humble prayers to God.

Each night, we have been gathering together as a church family to pray, sing, and worship our Savior.

Yes, everything is in Korean. Yes, I don't understand 100%. But, God. He is my Helper. He helps me understand. He helps me to worship with my church family. He helps me appreciate this strength of the first generation Korean church: fervent prayer.

Someone told my husband that she couldn't come, because she didn't know how to pray. If you don't start, how will you ever know how to talk to your Heavenly Father?

Some people come after a long day of work. Some come without being able to eat dinner. Some come, even though their physical bodies are in pain.

There are so many blessings in being able to pray together.

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