Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Natural Blood Stain Remover

Yesterday, I talked about how I got this stain.

Today, I will show you how I got this stain out.

The secret is paper towels and hydrogen peroxide. Yes, hydrogen peroxide!

First, I put a paper towel inside the sleeve of my sweater.

Second, I started spraying hydrogen peroxide onto the stain. As you spray the hydrogen peroxide, you will see how it bubbles up. Let it soak in.

Third, blot the blood stain with a clean paper towel. Remember, blot, don't rub! Keep spraying more hydrogen peroxide on the spot and keep blotting. You might use up a few paper towels. Patience is needed.

Fourth, when the stain was out, I took out the paper towel from inside the sleeve. You can see that it was also stained.

In the end, the stain came out. But remember, blot don't rub!!

It took me over 20 minutes to do this for this sweater and my cardigan. I actually sprayed and blotted a few more times after this picture, because I found some more spots on the side. Thankfully, all the stains came out.

I have not tried this on delicate, dry clean only fabrics - like silk. I have tried on the above cotton/wool sweater, carpet, and washable cotton fabrics. If you are going to try this on a delicate fabric, try a small section first.

We also used this method, a few weeks ago, when A2 fell nose first on our stairs. It was bloody. I have never seen so much blood in my life. I had to cup my hands to try to catch all the blood. It was streaming out like a faucet. Thankfully, A2 did not break her nose. We called the doctor, put ice on it, saw the doctor the next day, and, thankfully, A2 was fine. I did learn that head traumas produce a lot of blood and that it is better for the blood to come out. Hemorrhaging is the other alternative.

The carpet on the staircase was full of blood stains. It looked scary. My husband and A1 spent 40 minutes spraying and blotting the carpet. Thankfully, all is well with A2 and the carpet.

Hydrogen peroxide: it's natural, it's cheap, and it works!

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