Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Going Back

Last Friday, I had my oncologist appointment. I also had to go to that lab to get blood work done. The usual four vials of blood. It was a bit unnerving going back after the last visit. It was also amazingly quiet in the lab that morning. I did see the woman who made my arm bleed the last time I was there. It was uncomfortable, awkward, but I did get another woman who seemed to be a little more careful. This tech made a comment that made me wonder if they all knew who I was. Might just be me.

When I got to Dr. K, she asked how I was doing, and I ended up telling her about what had happened the last time I had gone to the lab. And then... I shed a few tears. The stress of going to that lab and having a few more incidents happen that made me think that they all know who I am made me lose it. Dr. K told me that it is normal for patients to request a particular tech and that they probably don't remember me. They remember me.

But don't worry, I'm ok now. Really.

The last time I had seen Dr. K, she had said that we would do three more rounds of chemo and then have a CT. This time, she said to get a CT before seeing her again. Apparently, my blood levels have been improving, especially my CEA levels. The CEA levels show the tumor markers in my blood. Normal people have levels between 0-2.5. My levels had gone up to 30 over the summer. Now, they have gone down to 3! Thank You, Lord!

There was an added plus to all of this. After this round of Xeloda, I can have two weeks off before I see Dr. K. She will be on vacation the week that I am supposed to see her (every three weeks), so I can be off the Xeloda an extra week. Yes!!!

I was able to be off the Xeloda for an extra week this past cycle because of a trip I made to L.A. What a difference! I realized that that extra time off the meds makes such a difference. It really allowed my body to recuperate from all the side effects, especially the hand/foot syndrome.

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