Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reading Through the Bible in 2014

I can't believe how quickly 2013 passed! It was a year of such blessing, chemo, and jubilee!

From Hawaii to home to Panama to home to LA and back home! It was quite a year of travel for me! In spite of the craziness of schedule, travel, and chemo, God helped me to go through the Bible again. I had a few setbacks, but He helped me to keep pressing forward in the commitment I had made to read through the Bible each year. After all, if I'm not reading it, how can I recommend that someone else read it?

In 2013, I made a checklist of all the books of the Bible. After I read each book, I would check it off. I did this because it fit our busy YWAM DTS schedule and all the reading we had to do for our lectures. This worked for our schedule there, but I realized that I missed writing down notes as I read.

Last year, I also had to listen to the Bible, part of the time, because my eyes were hurting from the chemo. They felt very strained and tired. They still do. The chemo side effects always manifested itself in my eyes first. Anyways, there are some awesome Bible apps that allow you to read and listen to the Bible.

This year, I got an ESV (English Standard Version) Bible and will read through this translation. I enjoy reading the rich wording in different translations. I also plan to write my notes/thoughts in a journal. I am finally using the Winnie-the-Pooh journal I had gotten in Korea many years ago!

So here I am encouraging all of you to read/study through the Bible again in 2014. I wrote the ABCs of reading through the Bible in 2012, but I am posting it again. If you need a Bible reading plan, email me, and I will send you the one I am using - it goes through the Bible chronologically.

Reading through the Bible...

  • alleviates our everyday worries
  • balances our imperfections
  • carries us when we feel no hope
  • develops our character
  • explains how we are to live
  • flowers beauty in our lives 
  • gives us a picture of God's heart 
  • heals our inmost being
  • invites us to a great adventure
  • janitors our not-so-clean lives
  • kicks us when we need it
  • lowers our heads at His throne
  • moves us to action
  • navigates us through the storms
  • opens our arms to others
  • pierces the numbness in our hearts
  • quantifies His character
  • reminds us that we're not home yet
  • showers us with courage and strength
  • teaches us to love
  • unites our heart to His
  • verifies Jesus' claims
  • watches over us
  • x-rays our hearts
  • yields an abundant harvest
  • zippers us in His love

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