Friday, May 9, 2014

New Schedule

I am run down and exhausted. There has been so much that I have had to attend to that I haven't had the energy to write. My body is exhausted and my back has been acting up. I am a person who needs days of not going anywhere and just resting at home. Haven't had those kinds of days lately and there are no prospects of those kinds of days in the near future. And then, my addiction keeps taking hold of me (will write about that soon).

Last Friday, I met with my oncologist. With my white blood cell count showing a pattern of getting really low on the third treatment, she had to change things around. Now, I am getting two consecutive chemo treatments, giving myself the Neulasta shot, and then having two weeks off.

When you read this, I will be going for my second chemo treatment in my fifth cycle of Abraxane. Which means that I will have to give myself the Neulasta shot on Saturday. Have to get more Claritin. Have to remember to take the pills on time! Have to attend to my addiction again. Yikes!

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