Saturday, May 10, 2014

Update to New Schedule

I wasn't able to get my chemo treatment yesterday. My white blood cell counts went to an all time low: 0.5. I was in complete shock. It was only last week that it had been 5.3 or so, and everyone had commented on how good my counts looked.

During the past 4 cycles of Abraxane, the really low white blood cell counts didn't show up until the third treatment and that is why my oncologist had changed my schedule. This happening on the second treatment didn't look too good. I guess the medicine is building up in my body.

Today was the day that I was to give myself the Neulasta shot, but my oncologist wants me to wait until I can get my second treatment. I have to wait and see if my white blood cell count will go up naturally this next week. I also have to be on watch for a temperature of 100.5 because it might be a sign of an infection that my body might be fighting.

A few cancer patients had told me of how frustrating it was when they couldn't get treatment. Now I understand.

Please pray that my white blood cell count will go up this week so that I can get treatment on Thursday.

Gotta get my mask out.

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