Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Treatment #2, Cycle #3

Last Friday, I went in for my second treatment (third cycle). It was a bit different because the nurse that usually takes care of me took another position at a different hospital. I was so sad, when she told me last week. She was so nice and she took such good care of me! She has treated me for over two years. I will miss her! It is people like Nurse Susan that made my Xgeva shot/chemo experience so much brighter!

Another nurse took me on. She is also very kind and friendly. I've had her several times for my monthly Xgeva shot. She drew my blood and sent it to the lab. The week before, my white blood cell levels had been over 7.0 because of the Neulasta shot. This week, they dropped to 1.2. To get chemo, it has to be 1.5 or higher. The nurse had to call my oncologist to see if I could get my treatment. Thankfully, she gave the ok.

This Friday will be the third treatment and the end of my third cycle. We are praying that my white blood cell counts will be 1.5 or higher. If not, we have to delay another week for the end of my third cycle. Consistent treatment is better than sporadic treatment.

Last Friday, I also got my next Neulasta shot in the mail. Finishing this cycle would be great, but I am not looking forward to this shot again. Dr. K did tell me that taking Claritin before the shot and for a few days after seems to help with the side effects. I guess Tylenol helps also.

Last time, I couldn't do anything for a week. But then I'm reminded: this is nothing compared to other chemo treatments. Someone I know had a 12 hour chemo treatment! T-W-E-L-V-E hour chemotherapy! Perspective. Still have to keep thankful.

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