Monday, April 7, 2014

No-No for Medication

Last week I had another CT. Three months had already passed since starting the Abraxane! I was a bit nervous about the results because of my last CT. I just prayed that I could continue with the Abraxane versus some stronger chemo drug. 

About a month after starting the Abraxane, I had unknowingly made a big mistake. I ate grapefruit. Apparently, grapefruit can react with different medications to cancel out their effects. This was one of those medications. Of course, I had gorged on grapefruit. I really, really like grapefruit. Always have. Always will. When I mean gorged, I would eat 1-2 at a time. Sometimes up to 4 a day. Yes, a day. I really, really, really like grapefruit. It also doesn't help when your mom knows this and buys several big bags for you.

I had made this mistake when taking my first hormone medication: Tamoxifen. After taking that medicine for 3 months and having a CT, we had to switch medications. The Tamoxifen had not helped my cancer, at all. I had gorged on grapefruit during that time also. I found out too late about the grapefruit no-no. 

I guess if I had been a normal person and eaten one, it would have been fine. But, I couldn't do that. Had to eat several at a time. Some habits are hard to break.

When I got to Dr. K's office on Friday, I found out that my cancer had not grown nor had it gotten any smaller. That's ok. As long as it doesn't grow or spread. So, we are continuing with the Abraxane, and I am staying away from grapefruit.

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