Saturday, April 12, 2014

This Is Me

Last Friday (not yesterday), I woke up to go to the early morning prayer service at church. I will be very frank with you: I am not a morning person. It takes my eyes a while to open. But, our church has been having a special 21 days before Easter early morning prayer service, so I asked God to help me wake up.

That day, I woke up and rolled out of bed. I didn't turn on the light in the room. I just reached into my drawer, grabbed a shirt, put it on, and then put a fleece jacket over it. After the prayer meeting was over, I came home and got everything together to go to see my oncologist.

It wasn't until I had to change into a robe at the doctor's office that I made a stunning realization: I was wearing an undershirt. You know, the kind that you wear under sweaters? The kind that are supposed to keep you warm during winter? The kind that are never supposed to be seen? All that time, I had thought that I had put on a scoop neck top.

Then, I had to go for my chemo treatment. I didn't want to unzip my fleece jacket, but I had to allow the nurse to access the port. It was so embarrassing. I had to explain what I had done. This is me... now.

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