Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Happening #4

Now to the last of these string of happenings. We were gone all day last Sunday. We were at church and had two visitations at night. We got home very late and went straight to bed. The next morning, we found that one of our refrigerators had stopped working. When my husband opened that refrigerator, it was warm inside. Yuck! We had to throw away a lot of food.

Why do we have two refrigerators in our tiny home? One was gifted to us a few years back. It was a gift from God. My dream refrigerator. The other refrigerator was here when we purchased this home. It became our "Korean" refrigerator. We put all of the strong-smelling items that we loved to eat in it. It is the one that conked out on us. It is the one that had many rotten, smelly things in it.

My husband looked up how to repair a refrigerator on the internet. Doesn't everyone do that? He watched this and that. He tried this and that, but we still had a broken refrigerator. It was dust-free and clean, but it still wasn't running.

After trying all that he could, my husband called someone we know who used to be a tech at a big electronics store. He tried something, and it worked... for a few hours. He came again the next day and knew what the real problem was. He fixed it, and now we have a working refrigerator where we can store all the strong-smelling foods that we love!

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