Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A3 the Stapled

On Tuesday, A3 and I went to see his pediatrician. Dr. U checked the wound and said that it was healing well. She also said that it was good that there was a cut versus a knot on his head. Dr. U told me that when there is a head injury, the body tries to heal itself by rushing blood to that area. I saw that first hand on Sunday. The wound on his head kept bleeding and bleeding. I kept waiting for the blood to clot but it wouldn't. At one point, the nurses aide that was cleaning A3's wound thought the wound was further up on A3's head because of all the streams of blood on his head. Freaked me out but was glad to hear him say that there was only one laceration.

Dr. U said that when their isn't a cut, the blood builds up and you get a knot on your head. This can be more dangerous because of all the blood/pressure build up inside of the head. It sounds weird, but her words reassured / comforted me. Even though A3 will have a scar, the outlet for the blood helped to heal him.

We will be going back next Wednesday to take the three staples out. Dr. U kept reassuring A3 that it wouldn't hurt (like a pinch). She also told him that they could put the staples in a container so that he could show his friends. That made him excited.

He is healing well and enjoying the extra attention. I am trying to keep him from busting his head open again.

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