Monday, July 16, 2012

ERs and A3

We made another trip to the ER on Sunday. So thankful that there is one really close by. Once again, it was with A3. He reminded me that we had been there on Easter Sunday. We had gone to the ER on Easter because he had eaten chocolate that had peanut butter in it. We have been to the ER with A3 so many times that I lost count.

This time was for a large cut on his head. He was running with some cups to his classroom when he slipped. He fell forward and hit a bookshelf, thus cracking his head open. And open it was.

At the end of the children's worship service, a group of students brought A3 to me. He was smiling and a stream of blood was running down his forehead. Everyone was trying to tell me what had happened. It was a bit chaotic. After shooing the kids outside, another teacher and I were trying to see where the cut was.

A3's teacher and my husband had put ointment on his wound 15 or so minutes earlier so it was hard to see where the cut was. It didn't help that A3's hair was long and matted down. He hasn't had a haircut in a very long time because he wants to be able to shake his bangs to the side. At least it saves money?

The other teacher and I had to take A3 to the bathroom and wash away the ointment to see how large the cut was. Correction: she washed the wound because I couldn't. When the ointment was washed away, we saw that I had to take him to the ER.

A3 was a real trooper. They washed his wound and put numbing gel on his head. Thirty minutes later, they stapled his head 3 times. He didn't scream or shout or cry. I might have. At the end of his third staple, he looked at me and his eyes started to tear up a bit. That was it. He said that it hurt, but he was so good.

It looks like he has a pin in his hair.

He tried to make some funny faces, but he had to stop because he was stretching the skin on his forehead, which is connected to the top of his head, which made him realize that it wasn't such a good idea.

He kept asking if we could go back to church so that he could play some more.

It amused him to know that he was like Frankenstein.

He couldn't wait for A2 to come home so that he could show her the staples. They decided to sleep together on A3's bed tonight.

We realized that A3 is very much like my husband. My husband broke both his arms by 2nd grade, broke his pinky but never got it treated (has a bent pinky), has a million scars on his body from doing things and not realizing that he was hurt. Sigh. Sigh. Sigh....

Please pray:

  • That A3's wound will heal well with a minimal scar.
  • That it won't hurt too much when he gets his staples pulled out in 10 days. He already calculated the date: 7-25-12.
  • That the wound won't get busted open again.

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  1. I gasped out loud when I saw these pictures... Aw give Aaron a big hug from me. <3