Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Simple Breakfast

Sometimes, it is a hassle to eat breakfast. Too many things to do in the morning. Too many things to remember to grab before I run out of the house. Too little time. That is when I grab a simple yet nutritious breakfast: a handful of raw almonds and dried cherries.

I used to force myself to eat the raw almonds but it became a bit tedious. They were so plain and non-toasted-almondy. I tried them with some dried cranberries. Not bad. But when I tried the almonds with  dried cherries, I knew I had found a winning combination.

This breakfast is rich in protein, amino acids, dietary fiber, B vitamins, essential minerals, and flavonoids. It gives me the energy I need until lunch without giving me the "shakes." This breakfast or snack can also be easily transported in your purse or man-purse.

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