Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mango, Blueberry, Banana Green Shake

Two weeks before we left for South Carolina, we had a "HOORAY" moment at our home. My younger two, A2 and A3, asked if they could try some of my green shake. Then, are you ready for this, they asked for more! I couldn't believe it.

In the past, we had made fruit based shakes for them with carrots (which are quite sweet) and a little bit of greens. That was as far as we could push it. Many times, I had tried to get them to have a sip of Momma's shake, but it didn't really work. Or, they would try it and say "yuck" because they knew that it was full of kale and other vegetables - not necessarily because of the taste.

Well, I don't know what happened a few weeks ago, but A2 and A3 wanted me to make more of the green shakes. Each day, A2 would ask if I could make her a shake and then A3 would follow. We would have them with our dinner.

Mango, Blueberry, Banana Green Shake

2 stalks of kale with the stems removed
1 handful of spinach
1-2 cabbage leaves
1 carrot
1 generous handful of blueberries
1 cut mango (which I froze ahead of time)
1 banana (which I froze ahead of time)
1-2 cups of rice milk
1 cup of coconut water

1. Place the harder fruits and vegetables on the bottom.
2. Place the softer fruits and vegetables on the top.
3. Fill with rice milk and coconut water (add more to make less thick).
4. Mix in blender.
5. Enjoy and expect to become really regular!

My theory: I believe that the more your children see you enjoying green shakes (or vegetables) and keep trying little sips of it, they will come to enjoy them also. Just a theory, not a proven fact. But, be patient and try it. It just might work!

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