Thursday, March 1, 2012


Life is so different after a cancer diagnosis. With my cancer being in my spine, I am limited in what I can do. For example, I can't ride roller coasters anymore. I know, right! I loved riding in the front car with my hands in the air. My husband will testify. He might not testify that I had to pry his fingers off the bars to get him to put his hands up also. Now, roller coasters are not good for my back. Very sad. Not that I've had the chance to ride one. After having children, I was usually in the kiddie area. No time to wait 3 hours for a ride. But, still. I would like to have the option of riding a roller coaster again.

Not being able to do things makes you appreciate things more. I am still working my way to doing simple household chores after my surgery. There are so many things that I want to be able to do. Some, I need more time and I will be able to do. Others, just aren't good for my body.

Appreciate these things while you can still do them:
  • washing the dishes
  • doing the laundry
  • swiffering the dust from under the couches
  • cleaning the floors
  • reaching for things high up on the shelf 
  • scrubbing things that need scrubbing
  • baking your family's favorite cream cheese poundcake
  • walking around for more than an hour without having to lay down to rest
  • picking your children up (except when you have a boy who weighs more than you)
  • standing on your head (even though it might freak my your husband out)
  • baking 4 cream cheese pound cakes and 4 apple cakes for church functions
  • running
  • standing for an extended period of time while cooking a meal
  • changing the sheets on your bed
  • competing in a triathlon (who doesn't dream of being able to do this?)
  • lifting anything over 10 pounds
  •  spinning your child around
People, appreciate!

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