Friday, March 9, 2012

Doctors, Awkward Moments, and Pink Slime... Again

Apparently, trying to find an orthopedic surgeon is not so easy. There aren't any associated with the hospital that I go to. There are a few in Chicago that will take our insurance. That is when I thought that if I have to go to the city, I might as well go to the University of Chicago Hospital. I talked to my husband about it and he thought the same thing. With my situation being a little more complicated than others, I would feel better about a doctor that has all the bases covered. Please pray that the group at the U of C Hospital will take our insurance and that God will lead us to the best doctor for my situation. I will be calling them tomorrow. Really. I just want this pain in my shoulder to be taken care of.

My endocrinologist called last night... at 9 pm. He works too hard. I had had a blood test on Monday to check my calcium levels again. Unfortunately, they are a bit high and my parathyroid glands are more sluggish than before. We had increased my calcium because of my numb lips. If my calcium levels are too high, I could get kidney stones. But, my body does need extra calcium because of my monthly Xgeva shot which takes the calcium in my blood and brings it to my bones. Dr. W is wondering if it is something else because I have been taking 3 calcium pills a day, but my lips still feel a bit numb. I have been waiting for it to kick in...

I wanted to tell you about a funny moment I had this week. My friend took me to a salon by her house to get a haircut after hearing about my hair loss issues. The guy (hair stylist? hair cutter? can't think of the word) came highly recommended. When the guy asked me how I wanted my hair cut, I told him about my major hair loss. That is when he asked me when I had had my baby. Uh.... I had my last child 6 years ago. Awkward. And, of course, this conversation was all in Korean. He also pulled my hair on the top of my head and tapped a brush on the top of my head to show me how to get blood flowing in my scalp again. Good tips but if a person had walked in and seen him do this, they might have run out of there.

Pink slime has made it into the news again. This time, it is about the government buying the stuff for school lunches. Remember when you were a child and wondering what type of meat was in the school lunch? Didn't we all call it mystery meat? Well, it ain't meat really. Read this article and be warned if your children buy lunch at school.

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