Tuesday, March 27, 2012


There was a time in my life when I could shop all day. I would go with my sister and spend the whole day at the shopping mall. I don't know how we did it. We would just go from store to store looking at different things. We would try stuff on. We would get each other's opinions on things. If she was wearing something that was mine, my sister would usually get some permanent stain on it. We didn't get tired.

After having children, shopping took on a new dimension. When we had A1, I would force my husband to walk around the mall. We needed the exercise... We didn't have much money but we would just walk around with the masses. He dreaded those days. One time, he was walking around... asleep. Try to explain that one. He was literally walking, pushing the stroller, and asleep. This was before the days of those "sitting areas" for guys who are there with the women they love.

Then we had A2 and then A3. After that, I tried to avoid the mall. Too busy. Too many people. Too long of a distance for little feet to walk. Too tired. But, I did know where all the bathrooms were. (Helpful tip: Nordstrom's has the best bathrooms).

Yesterday, I went to an outlet mall with my sister-in-laws (just realized that) (my brother's wife and my husband's sister). We went to a few stores that my sister-in-law from Korea wanted to go to. We were thankful that she got some good deals on her purchases. She was actually shocked at how "cheap" some of the things were (compared to how much they would be in Korea). We only went to four stores, but by the end of our time, I was completely exhausted - no energy. I couldn't walk anymore. The limitations of my body surfaced once again. Kind of annoys me. Kind of makes me sad.

On a side note, my brother's wife tricked me into going to a store that sold knives. She said that I should just look at the knives at the outlet to compare with the prices at other stores. We went in and looked at the knives. I didn't want to purchase one without my husband so I casually looked around. The salesperson let us cut some carrots while answering some of my s-i-l's questions.

Well, to make a long story short. My Korean s-i-l said that she had wanted to purchase a knife for us. I told her that my husband was going to get one. Then, after asking many questions about the knives, my brother's wife said that she was going to purchase it. She said that she couldn't go home if she didn't get one for me. A fight to pay for it occurred. I didn't even have a chance. Imagine the salesperson seeing these three Asian women fighting to pay for this knife.

I am blessed...

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