Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dark Nights

My husband, kids, and a few other families had a campout at church on Sunday night. They played, ate some great food, had water fights, ate some more great food, talked, and had a great time. I ate with them and came home to sleep. In the past, I would camp along with them and my back would creak. But, like all other things, I would push myself through it. Isn't that what every mom does? But, now that I know about my back, I have to take better care of it. I'm more mindful, most of the time...

I came home but had a difficult time sleeping. Didn't help that the doorbell rang at 10:30 pm. Freaked me out. It was nobody. It's my wacky doorbell that I have been asking my husband to change. It also rang at 2:30 AM on Sunday morning. His mom experienced the wackiness when she was here and had told him to change it. She was freaked out by it and would keep looking outside to see if it had been some punky kid.

Night time has not been fun for me for many, many months. Unless I am exhausted, I have difficulty falling asleep. On top of that, my shoulders are uncomfortable when I lay down. I can't sleep on my sides because of them, but I have to shift around until I find a comfortable position. I had been frustrated and wondered why I had been having such a hard time sleeping. Then, I watched a short clip on menopause and difficulty sleeping. Lack of estrogen does that to you. Who knew? After watching the menopause clip, I realized that I wasn't alone. My advice to all women: don't mess with the hormones! They are not to be messed with! Don't mess with them! Just don't! Me and my dark circles testify to this.

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