Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ant Wars, Part I

A war has been taking place in our home. An ant war. We started seeing them in the spring a few years ago. The first time I saw ants in the house, I freaked out. I had to eradicate them. Period. I could not coexist with them. It was either them or me.

That is when I started getting those ant bait things. You know, the ones where the ants go in to get some poison that tastes sweet and they die as they go back to their ant hill. I got a million of them and lined the wall by our sliding door so that there would be no chance of survival.

Well, this spring, they showed up again. I lined the wall with those ant bait things but I was also searching for some other alternative. One that was more natural. That is when another A-girl told me about a recipe for ant bait. And of course, it was natural.

I didn't see a lot of ants, so I delayed making the ant bait. Then, I came across a terrifying discovery. We had a box of Asian pears in the laundry room/pantry, and I saw a line of ants by the box. There were so many ants that I asked my husband to take the box outside to shake all the ants off. As he lifted the box and started walking towards the sliding doors in the back, a line of juice poured out of the corner. It turned out that one of the Asian pears had rotted and its juices had spilled all over the inside of the box. It was pretty gross. My husband had to rinse out all the other pears outside.

But, there was the problem of the remaining ants in the laundry room/pantry. So I remembered the ant bait recipe that A-girl had given me and made it right away. I set it by the place where I saw ants coming back and forth. And I waited. No squishing. No spraying. I just waited. The funny thing is that I was alarmingly not as freaked out as before.

They all drank like gluttons and went back to their ant hill. I was praying and hoping that some would get to the queen and that they would all die. Or move to another area far, far away from the house.

After a few days, they stopped coming and they were gone. I've seen one or two ants after that, but nothing like the pictures above. I keep refilling the container just in case.

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