Thursday, May 17, 2012

Low Energy Person Living a High Energy Life

This week has been and continues to be physically exhausting for me.

On Monday, I had the CT and bone scans in the morning. At night, my husband was doing a visitation (going to church members' homes and having a brief service together with the family) and I was asked to come. After the service, we went out to eat. I was asked to go to another visitation after dinner but my stomach cramped up so badly that I had to go home. This was due to the remnants of that CT stuff I had to drink.

On Tuesday, the kids had a gym class in the afternoon. At night, we were invited to another church member's house for dinner.

On Wednesday, we went to one of the other pastor's home for dinner and got home past 10 pm.

Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday are just as busy. We have more gym classes, TKD, a homeschool co-op planning meeting, my monthly oncology visit, an appointment with my primary care doctor, Friday night service, a rummage sale at church, a rehearsal dinner for a wedding at our church (where A3 will be a ring bearer), church on Sunday, and a wedding at night.

This is another pattern in my life. When things get busy, they get really, really busy. And I am not a high energy person. I am definitely, and have always been, a low energy person.

Throughout this week's busyness, I have asked God to heal me... Because I want to bake for people. Because I want to bless others. Because I want to be given the opportunity to serve Him without these physical limits. And limits, I have.

It was brief but I don't know if you got the part about going to see my primary care doctor. Unfortunately, it is the same one who misdiagnosed me. I haven't had a chance (or the mental energy) to switch doctors but I have to get the referral from her to see the orthopedic surgeon next week.

A lot of thoughts and emotions have gone through my mind, but the one thing I believe God wants me to do is face the situation. Face it because I don't have to run away. Face it because He doesn't want me to be bound to the "what ifs" of that situation. Face it because every situation is in His hands.

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