Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Toilet in Waiting

My husband successfully took out the old toilet. When he was done, I told him to put all his clothes in the laundry and to wash his hands many, many times (with soap). The problem was that he needed help with the installation of the new toilet. He needed a hacksaw and a tile cutter... so many complications. When I read the instructions and told him these things, he said that he didn't need me telling him what to do... even though he was the one who told me to read the instructions.

Tuesday morning, my husband called a church deacon and asked about the installation of toilets. The deacon came over right away. My husband hadn't even asked, the deacon just knew. He came and installed the new toilet like it was some simple kid's project. He even cut the tiles and cemented them into place again. Now, we are waiting for the tiles to dry.

My children keep asking me when they can use the new toilet. It is very exciting you see. It has a button for liquid things, and it has a button for solid things. This is very exciting to my socially deprived, homeschool children.  ;^)

We even got a call from another pastor. His wife read the blog and told him to help us. We were so thankful for their willingness to help. I told my husband about their offer and he asked, "How did they know about our toilet?"

Me: "I wrote about it on the blog."

Him: "What? You wrote about our toilet on the blog?"

Me: "Yes. I thought that people would want to know about our everyday life. Isn't it interesting reading?"

My husband had forgotten that I have the W (weird) gene.

After we saw the newly installed toilet, we made sure that the door could close in that bathroom. It can! Phew! Now, we are all waiting for the opportunity...

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