Friday, May 4, 2012

Things I Have Noticed

My stomach starts bulging (dramatically) more when I eat more wheat products.

I've started losing more hair. If I put it up in the front, it is very, very, very sad. 

Word recall is difficult at times.

My pores have gotten larger after my oophorectomy. Apparently comes with menopause. Be warned, ladies! 

I pigged out on banana cream pie and my forehead broke out in a major way. 

Ibuprofen takes the edge off the pain in my shoulders but not the pain.

Dentists make a lot of money.

When your shoulder and arms cannot be stretched, you have to wrestle with your clothes to get dressed. Sometimes you are stuck wearing that outfit until someone comes home and helps you.

Seat belts require a lot of twist and pull strength. 

God gives individual gifts to all. Some use their gifts. Some abuse them. 

When you start eating more fresh vegetables and you don't eat them for a day, you start craving them.

A new toilet can make you feel like you are at someone else's house.

God uses messed up people (King David, Peter) in big ways if those people are genuinely sorry and are humble before Him.

I need more of Him and less of me.


  1. Hi Monica,

    I wanted to share this song that's been encouraging me lately. We can't forget his faithfulness. Listen to it whenever you get a chance.

  2. Thank you, Irene! I needed this today!