Thursday, May 10, 2012

Glass Jars

Canning jars! What more do I have to say? Exactly! They are cute, useful, and have so much history behind them. Women have been using them for over a century to can fruits and vegetables. I am not one of those women, but I still am enamored by them. Who isn't? Okay, maybe some people aren't, but I am going to get you to join the canning jar bandwagon! Okay, maybe there isn't a canning jar bandwagon, but maybe I will start one. Maybe you will see why one should be created.

These jars come in different sizes (pint, quart, gallon) and are made by different companies. I bought a case of the Ball canning jars from Walmart. I also bought a set of four pint sized ones from Target. They come with metal canning lids but I switched them out with these air-tight plastic ones that are BPA free. They make the jars easier to open and close. I use them to store grains, flour, seeds, dried fruit, powders, and candy. But, I imagine that you can store cotton balls, nails, ant killer (I will post about that soon), rubber bands, batteries... the list is endless.

Not only are these babies aesthetically pleasing, but they store things so, so well. You can see what is in each jar and you won't get a funny, plastic taste to your food. Glass storage is always better for your health than plastic. As long as you don't drop it from the top shelf, the jars are pretty sturdy also. The price ain't so bad either! The quart size ones are a $1 something each. They're cute, useful, better-for-you-than-plastic, and reasonably priced. What more can you ask? 

A few years ago, I found a set of 4 canning jar mugs. They were on sale too! They were my glass of choice. My husband said that they weren't so cute and I told him to watch what he said. They are cute! Another time, I went out to breakfast with a friend and the restaurant we went to had, are you ready, mini-sized canning jar mugs! I had to keep myself from staring at them during the breakfast! 

Then there was the time I saw a blogger who made lemonade and put them in the jars with the lids on. And then she put them in a bucket of ice for her guests to take from.

There was another blogger who made a foam soap dispenser using a canning jar. I am preparing the tools to get my husband to make one or maybe two for me.

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