Wednesday, September 19, 2012

One of the things that I had wanted to do for very long time was bike riding. I would watch people riding their bicycles in the neighborhood or near the forest preserve trails and sigh with envy. There was always the temptation of pushing people off their bikes and taking off with the bicycles... just kidding... I would never do that... I think. Anyways, I longed to just ride and ride and ride through those forest preserve trails. Maybe it was all those triathlons that I had watched?

I couldn't believe it when the opportunity arose for me to fulfill this wish of mine... at South Carolina. The coooolest part was that we could ride on the sand! Yes, that's right! On the sand! The beach at Hilton Head was like one that I had never seen. The sand was packed into the ground. Unfortunately, this made it difficult to build sandcastles and bury the kids. Digging required some heavy duty shovels. But, we could ride on the beach! And it was allowed! Every morning and night, we could see people riding bicycles on the beach.

At first, I was a bit afraid to ride because I had not ridden a bike in a very long time. If you know me and remember a time, tell me because I forgot. Well, actually, I just remembered that I had tried to ride my children's bikes. It wasn't too easy because the bikes were too small for me. So I guess I have ridden a bicycle. Oh yeah, and the time I rode one of the church kid's bike at the church parking lot. Well, I hadn't ridden an adult bike. I think.

There I am riding the bicycle in the picture above. If you look at the middle, top part of the picture, you can see a slight shadow. No, it's not a smudge on your computer screen. I think that it is a dolphin (my husband does also). Oh yeah, we saw dolphins there. It was so neat to see them so close to shore. My brother saw them one morning while out riding a bicycle. A few mornings later, I was looking out the window when I saw 2 - 3 of them.

So thankful for that time...


  1. I love this photo of you and the story behind the photo- very Audrey Hepburnish. I would entitle this photo "Riding on grace".