Thursday, September 6, 2012

Veggie Water Tales

My name is Monica, and I am not a gardener. I don't like bugs. I don't like getting in contact with green, grassy plants because they make me itchy.

BUT, we do have a small garden area in our back yard. My husband likes to plant things for the sake of our children. It is something that they can observe from beginning to end. In the end, they can pick the fruits of our collective effort.

This year, one of our green thumb, church members helped plant some vegetables for us. We can't do it, we don't know how. Usually my mother gets us started, but this year she was in Korea when it was time to plant. And when it is time to plant, you have to plant. So, our green thumb, church member helped us. Her and her husband actually even came (early in the morning) and cut the branches off of one of our neighbor's trees because it was blocking our garden's sunlight. We woke up with a huge branch in our back yard.

They planted sesame leaves (don't know the exact English translation), grape tomatoes, tomatoes, green peppers, and zucchini. The church member made it so nice that it was hard not to water it. We didn't want to disappoint them. We would try to water the garden everyday, especially on those crazy, hot days. I even went out and watered the garden - a lot.

Throughout the summer, we were able to eat a lot of tomatoes, sesame leaves, and green peppers. The past month, we have had 5 different zucchini grow. The plant grew huge and we had lost hope in any zucchini growing because we couldn't see any. Then, one day, they started popping up. The first two we picked were cute little zucchini. This week, we got some huge ones. My children picked the one above. They had so much fun.

One humble observation I made was that the vegetables grew a tremendous amount after it rained versus us just watering it. It was amazing how much the plants would grow after a good rainfall. I said something about this to my father and he said, "Of course it grows more when it rains. There aren't any chemicals in that water."

Makes you wonder...

Oh, about that middle one. Add some eyes and a mouth to it. Who do you see? Is it Jimmy or Jerry?

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