Monday, September 3, 2012

Shoulder Woes

It has been three months since my cortisone injection. After 6 weeks, the effects of the steroids started to wear off. It was like clockwork. Just like the doctor said. During that time period, it felt like I had been cured. I still couldn't raise my arms 100%, but I didn't feel any discomfort. I could move and not get that jarring pain in my shoulders and upper arms-as often. I still don't want to get another cortisone shot but I do miss the effect it had on my life. 

I have been dreading nighttime, again. I don't like nighttime. Nighttime means that I have to sleep. Sleep means that I have to lay down. Laying down means that I am very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable enough to wake up multiple times during the night. 

Please pray that God will relieve the frozen shoulder symptoms in both shoulders. Please also pray that I can get full range of motion in both arms again. 

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