Tuesday, January 10, 2012

7 Days, 3 Specialists

Last Tuesday, I met with my endocrinologist to talk about my thyroid. It had been, approximately, 6 weeks since my surgery. Usually, after thyroid cancer surgery, you have to become radioactive. Yes, radioactive. You drink a radioactive drink and then move to a place where no one can come near you. This is especially true of young children and pregnant women. You wait it out for a few days until the radioactivity subsides.

Dr. W told me the exciting news that I do not have to become radioactive! One less yucky thing to drink and I won't have to worry about making everything in my house radioactive. Also, the less medicine and radioactivity, the better for my body.

On Friday, I went to the plastic surgeon's office. Dr. R usually waits at least 3 months before switching out the expander with an implant. Now, all that needs to be done is meet with the surgeon for the oophorectomy (removal of ovaries). Once I do that, she can coordinate with him for my next surgery.

Yesterday, I met with my breast surgeon. Everything is healing really well. Although the surgery pain in minimal, the aches in my shoulders seem to be getting worse. Maybe the cold weather? The past few days I have woken up having difficulty moving my shoulders and arms. I mentioned it to Dr. M and she recommended that I go to physical therapy. I was a bit hesitant because of distance, my poor husband, and pain. Now, I just have to make the appointment...

You will be proud to hear that I did make the appointment with the gynecologic oncologist. Well, sort of. I went to his office and tried to make the appointment (it was in the same building as my breast surgeon). The receptionist said that she had to get my records from my oncologist, have the doctor look them over, and then call me to make an appointment. Although I don't have cancer in my ovaries, my oncologist talked to this gynecologic oncologist to perform the surgery.

Now, I just have to get in contact with the gastroenterologist about my hepatitis c and the primary care physician... pray for me.

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