Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Another Day

Today was my third appointment with the occupational therapist. We were trying to figure out if the shoulder pain that I have been experiencing is from the rheumatoid arthritis, stretching exercises, or a side effect from my hormone drug (Femara).

This past weekend, I was only able to do a few of the arm exercises due to the pain/stiffness in my right shoulder. Lifting my arms in front of me was semi-okay, but lifting my arms sideways was a challenge. If I twisted in the wrong way, pain would shoot through my right arm. This also made it hard to sleep because I kept tossing and turning trying to find a comfortable position for my arms.

As the OT massaged and stretched my right arm, she asked me to try and pinpoint the areas of pain. At the end of the session, she felt that it might be my rheumatoid arthritis. She suggested that I ask my oncologist for a referral to a rheumatologist. This was something that had been put off due to my more pressing medical issues. This Friday is my monthly meeting with my oncologist, so I will ask her what she thinks.

Later in the afternoon, I had an appointment with a hepatologist about my hepatitis c. This was in the same building that my cancer had been misdiagnosed. We were a bit late so I was able to rush in without much thought. The receptionists were not so friendly. Can I tell you what a difference that makes when you walk into a new doctor's office? My husband said that I was spoiled by the courteous service at the hospital that I go to. But, needless to say, I really liked the doctor. My oncologist had already communicated with him. He was just waiting for me to come in.  Once again, I felt blessed.

The doctor said that he wanted to have me tested for hepatitis c again. He felt my liver and said that it didn't feel enlarged. The usual profile of people who have hepatitis c are people who: have had blood transfusions, have gotten tattoos, have shared needles with other drug users, or have a partner who has hepatitis c. Not me. There is also a small category of people who have unexplained hepatitis c. Me.

When I go, this Friday, for my monthly oncologist appointment, I will have extra blood drawn to check for hepatitis c. There is a possibility that my initial blood test gave a false positive result. This is what I am praying for. In my weird mind, I can take the cancers and the rheumatoid arthritis. The hepatitis c throws me off balance. I always think of my liver when I take my medications. That is why I only want to take the necessary medications and nothing more. I don't even want to take Tylenol for my aches. Does my logic make sense?


  1. Praying that the blood test will come back normal.

    Where do you buy the chia seeds? The banana chocolate pudding sounds great!

    xo Julie

  2. Thank you for your prayers. Julie, you can buy them at Costco, Whole Foods, Amazon... I had it again today. My kids approved!