Friday, January 6, 2012

Part B

The plan is to encourage as many people possible to read through the Bible in a year with me. Let's do it! You can do it! Really! If you email me at, I will email you the reading plan I typed out. You can read and check off each passage, write notes, write applications, or whatever you would like to do. You won't regret it! I even took the time to think and write about the ABCs of what God does in your life when you read His Word.

Reading through the Bible...

  • alleviates our everyday worries
  • balances our imperfections
  • carries us when we feel no hope
  • develops our character
  • explains how we are to live
  • flowers beauty in our lives 
  • gives us a picture of God's heart 
  • heals our inmost being
  • invites us to a great adventure
  • janitors our not-so-clean lives
  • kicks us when we need it
  • lowers our heads at His throne
  • moves us to action
  • navigates us through the storms
  • opens our arms to others
  • pierces the numbness in our hearts
  • quantifies His character
  • reminds us that we're not home yet
  • showers us with courage and strength
  • teaches us to love
  • unites our heart to His
  • verifies Jesus' claims
  • watches over us
  • x-rays our hearts
  • yields an abundant harvest
  • zippers us in His love


  1. Monica, this is Sue in LA. I have been so blessed to follow your blog. I love this post! Can I post this list to my facebook? Of course I will cite the author :)

  2. Sue, thank you so much for your encouragement! Of course you can use it on fb. May it encourage others to read His Word!

  3. Great job, Monica. You are an encouragement. Kristina